What is your best choices - GA CD/DVD duplicator

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What is your best choices - GA CD/DVD duplicator Empty What is your best choices - GA CD/DVD duplicator

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The DVD drive GA CD/DVD duplicator. GA CD/DVD duplicator of internal control circuit and chip, ALTERA EP1K series of production equipment, mainly responsible for all kinds of FPGA control. Control part adopts two modern production of a wide SDRAM 16bit 64MB memory composed of particles to 128MB to cache as system. This will prevent carved die phenomena. ALTERA company is also produced the EMP chip. From its volume and its covered the radiator above analysis, he should be responsible for processing the data processor. The first home users - GA CD/DVD duplicator, summarized after weighing only 3.2 kilograms.

After our test, GA CD/DVD duplicator duplicate a 4424MB, content of saturated 16 times to speed unisplendour DVD to 29 seconds of 11 points. Copy a capacity for 670MB and approaches saturation capacity, the CD need 4:13 seconds. Although speed is not very fast, but as for home users and small office users have enough, because the user to copy CD replication and the requirements of time and no harsh requirement, if copy process safety and stability. While in operation, simple, no GA CD/DVD duplicator is complicated and lengthy English all operations are through a set and a key to complete, and its small LCD screen that can support Chinese and all relevant information can be clear at a glance. The quotation is GA CD/DVD duplicator and small family benefit, is the best choice of the office.

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