The risks for the Sunnyvale bank owned house

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The risks for the Sunnyvale bank owned house Empty The risks for the Sunnyvale bank owned house

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Since the new regulation, Sunnyvale bank owned house for bank shares plummeting kidnapping in real estate. Statistics show that cities last merchant fell 8.93%, joint-stock Banks 9.58%, fell down bionic state-owned Banks. The market for bank shares widespread panic.

The supervisor will have requirements for Banks, Sunnyvale bank owned house and pressure test on May 20 days before the report. The news from the bank, feedback back to falling house prices have larger Banks of tolerance. The work, building, and four ways, pressure test results are Sunnyvale bank owned house. Construction of icbc to falling house prices, can be in about 35%, tolerance, the behavior 30% for 20% of the agriculture listed, The joint-stock Banks, minsheng bank, tolerance for 40% of the highest can travel, 37%.

Previously, the vice governor of the bank of communications in performance swing qian zhongshu, said conference if real estate prices dropped 30%, its development and Sunnyvale bank owned house nonconformities increase 1.2 percentage points, personal mortgage nonconformities improve 0.9 percentage points. Then, the construction bank officials also say, prices for their bad Sunnyvale bank owned house of 30%, might make some optimistic than slightly.

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