The basic configuration and working controller for the GA CD/DVD duplicator

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The basic configuration and working controller for the GA CD/DVD duplicator

Post  Admin on Tue May 18, 2010 1:16 am

Cd-rom or any GA CD/DVD duplicator can read the motherboard. If not connected to drive or drive not into the motherboard connections, according to the order of automatic selection for reading motherboard
GA CD/DVD duplicator misread ignored: read the wrong choice of parameters Settings, meet motherboard ignored when cannot read data, it will automatically skip, and continue to read after the data. This set will ensure maximum quality of the motherboard burning success, but ignore the fault location, reading and the motherboard burn data were data.
GA CD/DVD duplicator: the system according to the disk partition will be divided into several disk volume of hard disk partition, GA CD/DVD duplicator 1G each partition capacity for 99 Bytes, most support division. GA CD/DVD duplicator of each partition capacity for hard disk, 5G Bytes at 99 partition support. Each partition can store a cd-rom image file, the file can be covered or deleted. If the drive each partition storage is full already, new files into the partition to choose not to need not need to cover or deleted partitions to store the new documents.

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