How to solve the problems if you PA CD/DVD duplicator have faults

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How to solve the problems if you PA CD/DVD duplicator have faults Empty How to solve the problems if you PA CD/DVD duplicator have faults

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Drive controller and install, all is powered on LCD, PA CD/DVD duplicator can boot? To activate have instant controller, if you + 5V power used power supply voltage is gradually ascending voltage to + 5V, cannot normal activation PA CD/DVD duplicator, please replace the power supply is normal activation, or can be to the company.

PA CD/DVD duplicator, but not in a hard disk drive, hard to load data set for master jumper (= master)? The test result, if not for the normal loading disk Fujitsu, without the other brands. Another part of your hard disk vendors, master, set into salve please set your jump line.

PA CD/DVD duplicator of the burn out of 24x copy CD, have 3 kinds of different shades of color PA CD/DVD duplicator, whether for fault? 24x to drive device, this is normal phenomenon, 24x burn in the circle will burn with low speed, then gradually ascending cd-r, so you can see different speed surface burn, but generally cd-rom reading is normal.

PA CD/DVD duplicator of the function for others, is unable to change the Settings can work normally, reply default? Ok, please turn off the power, then press "GO", at the same time open power switch, about 3 seconds to let GO of the " PA CD/DVD duplicator, machine will do" button, reply to reset the factory defaults.

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