How to solve the little trouble below for the SC CD/DVD duplicator

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How to solve the little trouble below for the SC CD/DVD duplicator

Post  Admin on Tue May 18, 2010 12:46 am

SC CD/DVD duplicator CD - 188, CD - 168, CD - 169 USES for general IDE cd-roms, duplicat as 12x, why only duplicat VCD, file format, cannot copy music format? General cd-rom 50x above, not marked cd-rom together with dynamic 50x above, usually with high-speed read by progressive, low speed, add to the families of audio CD ROM 8x below grab speed, most commonly so if you use SC CD/DVD duplicator copy IDE cd-roms music suggest lower speed can be copied, 540E IDE TEAC recommend replacing or cd-rom support high-speed read tracks.

SC CD/DVD duplicator by 540E TEAC IDE cd-roms, duplicat as 12x SC CD/DVD duplicator, why only duplicat VCD, file formats, cannot copy music format? If you are using TEAC cd-rom please check whether the cd-rom edition VER 3.0 for A above, if not please to download A new version of the TEAC company website renewal can support high-speed duplicat record.

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